Breathing protection

  • Respirators
  • Dusk Masks   

Protective clothing

  • Disposable protective clothing
  • Overall

Safety Footwear

  • Safety-toed shoes
  • Metal Instep footwear
  • Electric hazard shoes

Safety helmets

  • Antistatic helmets
  • Forestry worker helmet
  • Welding helmets

One of our objective is to protect people at work. With this comes a huge responsibility, requiring us to ensure our efforts are focussed on developing products and services which minimize workplace hazards.

We view our task as not only optimizing protection via high-performance, product-based solutions, but also by taking an active role in terms of risk prevention.

Safety Googles

  • Face Shields
  • Welding Googles        

Protective Gloves

  • Heavy Duty Protective Gloves
  • Heat Protection
  • Cut Protection
  • Impact Protection
  • Leather Safety Gloves
  • Chemical Risk
  • Mechanical Risk

Hearing Protection

  • Disposable Hearing Protection plugs
  • Banded ear protection
  • High protection earmuff range
  • Earmuffs with helmet attachment

We distribute equipment Uvex Safety Group and Zenith Safety Products:

Uvex PPE Catalog
Zenith Safety Catalog