Fluid transfer in the Oil industry in general is done by using a wide range of advanced technologies and equipment such as reciprocating pumps, centrifuges, diaphragms, progressive cavity, lobes, electrical submersibles and other applications.

ATC follows high quality and good service standards in the Oil and Gas Industry. ATC represents a selective group of manufacturers allowing us to provide products and services used in the Oil and Gas  Industry.


Among these fluid transfer systems there are positive displacement pumps and in greater detail, high pressure reciprocating pumps, which are widely used in the world oil industry, its application extends in multiple areas from the transport of oil and its derivatives to stimulation of wells production through the injection of fluids.

ATC offers a complete range of simple, duplex, triplex, quintuplex and septuplex reciprocating power pumps, designed according to API 674 standards, and covers all the existing applications for the Oil and Gas industry.



  • Simple modular construction of pump units
  • Easier preventive maintenance
  • Easier and quicker replacement of gaskets, plungers and valves without the need of factory assistance.
  • Can be operated onshore or offshore in any location.
  • High efficiency and reliability.
  • All pumps manufactured in cast iron casting.


- Oil & Gas

- Refineries

- Chemical & Petrochemical



Duplex Reciprocating Pump Data Sheet

Through the use of the artificial lifting techniques developed worldwide All Two Corporation increases client’s productivity by offering the right systems or unit for any application.

Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP)

According to the conditions of the well, there are different extraction methods for Oil production, one of these systems is the electro-submersible pump, progressive cavity pumps, by which the fluid is extracted from the surface by the rotary action of a Multi-stage centrifugal pump, submerged in the well and powered by an electric motor in the surface. This artificial lifting method is considered effective and cost-effective to produce large amounts of flow at medium and large depths and at diverse well conditions. Our ESP pumps flow ranges go from 150 BPD to 10,000 BPD, the pumps are made with corrosion resistant materials.



As oil production operations increase, further deepening of the wells is required, demanding the development of more arduous mechanical lifting procedures.

Our mechanical lifting equipment is able to adapt to all our customers’ requirements, counting on the best manufacturers and suppliers, as well on our logistics chain that allows us to meet the mechanical lifting needs worldwide.

We have pumps for handling sand, diversity of wells, for heavy oil, gas control, special purposes, etc.

Artificial lift units are available in sizes from API 25 to 1280 and fully balanced.


Each pump unit is fully assembled and tested before shipment. All test documentation and manuals are included with each unit.

Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP)

They are positive displacement pumps which are composed of a mobile metal rotor and a stationary phase (stator) which is internally coated by a double-helix elastomer. When the pump is driven, movement between the rotor and the stator creates progressive cavities where the fluid moves. This type of pump is characterized by its low operating speeds to handle volumes of gas, suspended solids and water. Thanks to the design, dimensions and power of our PCP equipment, they adapt to the clients operational requirements and supports oil wells severe conditions.


Plunger Lift Pumps (PLNG)

Plunger Lift is an artificial lifting method that uses the energy of wells (gas and / or pressure) to raise accumulated fluids. All Two Corporation offers a wide range of plunger lift technologies and our experts can help you design a system that meets your needs.

We have equipment available for the following pipe sizes: 1-1 / 2-inch, 2-1 / 16-inch, 2-3 / 8-inch, 2-7 / 8-inch and 3-1 / 2-inch.